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AURA grows on the edge of the Selz Valley, in Friesenheim and surroundings.  Together with my father's HENRICI wine assortment, its home is a vineyard of 17 hectares. Friesenheim lies in the middle of eastern Rheinhessen, a few kilometers southwest of Nierstein.
Sheltered by the Petersberg in the west, our vines thrive in optimal conditions, with an average of 1970 hours of sunshine a year and an average rainfall of 530 mm. The terrain of marl clay, loess and limestone chalk is what gives my wines their character and charisma.

You can’t create an aura alone

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A single vintage of AURA takes many helping hands. First, there’s my father Horst. He’s been selling his own line of bottled wines to private customers for years, and is always ready to lend advice and a helping hand.  Then there’s his partner Ulli, who’s responsible for customer sales of the HENRICI wine line, and for running our own guesthouse. The HENRICI team also includes longtime employee Stefan, who mainly take care of our outdoor operations. He is assisted by his wife Mariana, who actively supports Ulli in the guesthouse. More information about our guesthouse and HENRICI wines can be found here